Set Your Mind to a Better Future

Allianz Global Investors

Allianz was ambitious in advancing its quality retirement planning and investment services. They aimed to:

  • create an edge for Allianz MPF investment products; and
  • educate the general public the importance of retirement planning for brand building.
Mobile site in HTML5 to reach more audiences

  • To save time and budget, we strategically developed an innovative mobile site with detailed information and multiple functions like a mobile app.
  • We developed the mobile site in HTML5 to leverage its cross-browser capability.
  • As a result, Allianz could cover extensive Smartphone users for immediate access to Allianz’s site.

Intuitive navigation with comprehensive information to enrich user experience

  • In-depth details and extensive information were presented in rich multimedia formats to attract audiences.
  • Examples: interactive fund graphs, video webcasts, the investment calculator and assessment test.

Professional functions with personalized interactivity to develop trust

  • We crafted the interactive functions ‘Risk Assessment Test’ and ‘Retirement Calculator’.
  • Based on individual investment needs and attitudes, the tools would provide personalized real-time consultations to audiences.

Unique in the market: mobile Risk Assessment Test with immediate results

  • The Risk Assessment Test with instant result is the first and unique in the market.
  • Through the test results, it was intended to stimulate on audiences an urge of getting a well-prepared retirement life.
Pioneer in launching mobile Risk Assessment Test in fund industry

  • We are the first to launch personalized mobile Risk Assessment Test with instant results.

Revisit rate outperformed mobile apps

  • Exceeding the average revisit rate of mobile apps, we have maintained the revisit rate at 50% to our mobile site which in every aspect resembled a mobile app.