Receipt Builds Loyalty

Dr. Kong Healthy Shoes Shop

  • To build customer loyalty for healthy shoes market in the simplest way.
Turned a receipt into a hassle-free loyalty program

  • We developed a persistent loyal program with an owned app for Dr Kong.
  • By scanning a unique QR code on each receipt, customers’ purchase histories were stored into the app.

Collected big data for personalized user experience

  • With these big data collected through each purchase, the highly intelligent CRM system at the back-end would do the target group segmentation seamlessly.

Driven recurring business over the life cycle of each customer

  • Based on the scanned purchase records, it reminded individual customers at the right time when they needed a new checking or new replacement.

Provided the foot and spine tips regularly to consolidate professional image and maintain customer relationships

  • The tips cover all different foot care concerns at all ages, from baby, child, man, lady to elderly.
Mobile CRM fostered the customer loyalty with personalized experience

    • There’s an over 50% increase in loyalty members compared to their traditional loyalty program the previous year.

Successfully driven more repurchases from our targets

  • One out of three customers revisited Dr. Kong regularly and sales profits increased by 30%.