Weather Makes a Difference

L’Oreal Paris

  • To seek an innovative and special ad platform which matches the sunscreen product seamlessly.
  • To stand out the brand from vast competitors of sunscreen products in all price ranges.
Contextual targeting to reach right targets at perfect time

  • By contextual targeting, we matched the product and its messages to be closely relevant to the contents on its channel.

Perfect ubiquitous channel for UV-related message— HK Weather

  • HK Weather, providing timely detailed weather information all the time, is AMAZE Mobile Media’s exclusive inventory.
  • Since 2008, it has been a widely popular app in Hong Kong with 900,000+ downloads.

Soft reminder approach to make the message and brand association more receptive

  • Instead of asking for a purchase directly, we friendly reminded audiences to make preparation for blocking the UV.
  • Two versions of banners corresponding to high and low UV indexes to strengthen the relevance.
Higher TTR under high UV indexes
Among 2,000,000+ impressions, an increased tap-through rate was observed when UV was high. This proved that sun protection was audiences’ important and urgent concerns. Contextual targeting took its effectiveness.

Flexible applications on wide variety of products
The contextual targeting strategy can be applied on limitless categories of products to enhance brand recalls. For the HK Weather app, contextual targeting can be attached to

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Air pollution index
  • UV index