Claim at Fingertips

Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong)

  • To provide ever simplest and convenient claiming processes to clients.
  • To build trust between Zurich and clients and retain customer loyalty.
  • To save Zurich’s admin resources on claiming processes.
Pioneer to digitize and simplify the whole claiming processes

  • Delivered through a mobile app, we created a platform providing an express way to ease all the hassles followed by the misfortune.
  • We transformed the cumbersome claiming processes to be intuitive, instant and on-the-go.

Remarkable user experience: Claiming in 3 minutes with fingertips!

  • Simply take photos of the accidents, such as a damaged suitcase or home ceiling, and other supporting documents. Then, submit via the app anytime, anywhere, unlimited to Hong Kong!
  • It was so fast that a travel claim settlements might arrive before you returned to Hong Kong!
  • For motor claims, clients could depict traffic accident scenes through the intuitive drawing tools on the app to simplify the claim process. The drawing tools provided up to 15 road settings and more than 40 objects.

Emergency services supported by mobile for binding trust

  • By providing emergency services at the critical moment when users were needing them most, trust between clients and Zurich could be consolidated.
  • Connect clients to the nearest cashless repairing network.
  • Share locations with emergency hotline staff for immediate solutions.
High efficiency for phenomenal user experience

  • Users stayed on average less than 10 minutes to complete a claim through the app.

Win-win accomplishments for Zurich and clients

  • With the on-the-go claiming tool, it decreased the loss of accident evidences and stress of clients.
  • To Zurich, it has largely cut the admin cost of handling general insurance claims.

Redefined insurance claiming processes to promote business

  • The breakthrough in simplifying the clumsy claiming processes refreshed customers’ claiming experience and heightened customers’ satisfaction.
  • The redefined swift claiming processes has monumentally helped Zurich to outplay other companies in ongoing keen competitions.