Westfield UK— a shopping mall app with distinct personalization and parking features

(16 Jan, 2015) Creating unique mobile experience to attract repeated foot traffic is always the quest of shopping mall marketers. Westfield, with shopping malls in two locations in UK, has made a brilliant example with app features that have never been seen in Hong Kong.

Dynamic dashboard follows each shopper’s interests
The mobile app, named ‘Westfield UK’, empowers over hundreds of brands to reach the most potential customers by the design of dynamic dashboard.
Every time shoppers launch the app, the dynamic dashboard shows news and promotions that are most relevant to each shopper’s specific interests. It holds shoppers’ attention and increases purchases.

To acquire each shopper’s interests, it only requires shoppers to indicate their love and hate among a few brands when they first start the app, in only a few taps. Based on the results, the app would reckon their favourites.


Form top-of-mind choice and habit of revisit for car owners
Similar to Autotoll in Hong Kong, the feature Parking Express gets car owners to register a payment account on the app. By sticking a tag on the windscreen, all parking times and fees are accessible on mobile in details.
Connecting car owners to the malls by easy mcommerce, plus special parking rates, shapes their preference on the malls. They are free from hassles of stopping and paying every time while loyalty would be promoted.

Real-time parking space availability updates
Number of available parking spaces can be checked anywhere on-the-go. 

The real-time indication is especially useful in Hong Kong for places where parking spaces are limited. It avoids causing shoppers’ frustration and irritation when arriving the place with no spaces left.

The groundbreaking creation of the app Westfield UK has provided interesting insights on how we can personalize a branded app and link up with driving shoppers, who are usually more affluent, by mcommerce and value-added information.




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