More Cases

Dah Chong Hong
Create leverage point to make motor club members become loyal customers of other DCH businesses, such as food, as well.
Tommy Hilfiger
Get audiences to experience Hilfiger’s ‘Classic American Cool’ from the virtual store on mobile to flagship store at TST.
BASF The Chemical Company
Educational campaign to instill concepts of healthy chemicals to teenagers through mobile edutainment and location-based charity events.
Let audiences experience the Scandinavian lifestyle via interactive mobile storybook with camera app features.
On-the-go interactive catalogue and paper doll scrapbook to mix and match handbags.
ET Net
The financial news mobile app with personalized features powered by HKET. We also monetize the audience traffic through advertising.
First ecommerce platform in Hong Kong’s baking industry. Order personalized cakes with fingertips anytime, anywhere.
Grand Century Place
Build an owned mobile platform to persistently leverage all seasonal campaigns.
New Town Plaza
Pioneer to turn waiting time for restaurants into shopping time by real-time table ticketing system on mobile.
South China Morning Post
New user acquisition campaign for its Luxewatches app by tactical phrases of advertising.
The first ever finger race on mobile. Turn mobile screens into racetracks, showing brand personalities in an impactful way.
Joyce Beauty
Customize trial samples for individuals using the mobile for stimulating shop visits and collecting big data.
Be customers\’ personal assistant during shopping by interacting mobile with iPOP (interactive Point of Purchase) at store.
Residents can reserve clubhouse facilities anytime, anywhere.
Luxe Place
On-the-go sales kit for the frontline team to present the premium properties in the dynamic and interactive manner.
On-the-go digital platform with detailed analysis on horse racing extended from Hong Kong Daily News.
One Oasis
Extend the 2D experience of property brochure into multimedia mobile catalogue.
Pioneer to transform mobile phones into glow sticks to bind audiences together and create unusual digital experience in concerts.
Bring people to experience the Facetime with Dayo and Dodo, simply by scanning the QR code from outdoor ads.
In this ‘Help Koo’ campaign, help Koo escape from the bus with alternative endings and get a call from him.
Slide the notebook with finger tip on the ad to experience the distinctive ‘Surf Slider’ design of VAIO Duo 11 and boost the brand recall.
Experience the product benefit ‘transform pollution into refreshment’ on-the-go by rubbing the polluted screen to reveal the CC cream.
Multiple call-to-action touchpoints to connect audiences to various social media. Thus, direct them along the path-to-purchase and make a purchase by ecommerce on mobile.
Estee Lauder
Multiple slides and expandable touchpoints to show the respective detailed benefits of the ‘4C’ for its Resilience Lift skincare series.