Grab Extra Treasures for Taobao

Taobao X PPS

  • To get more shoppers to use the new PPS payment method, especially the existing PPS users who had not shopped on Taobao before, and
  • To heighten the awareness on the new PPS payment method of Taobao to the general public.

Create synergy between online and offline media

  • From offline to online: A promotion truck toured around Hong Kong with a tailor-made tablet game to engage audiences. Prizes of the game drove people to shop on Taobao.
  • From online to offline: Online audiences were informed on social media about the schedules of the truck tour and prizes upon visiting the truck to encourage the outdoor engagements.

Maximize the effectiveness through gamification

  • We designed a very simple Q&A game on a mobile site with questions directly related to PPS payment and Taobao.
  • Through play, audiences would be more receptive to our messages.

Tactful incentives to experience the new payment

  • Cash dollars were all the time the most popular prizes.
  • Strategically, this time we attached its value exclusively to shopping on Taobao via PPS payment.

Exceptional and immediate engagements in a buzz

  • All prizes were dispatched within 3 hours every weekend.

High conversion rate from offline truck to online purchases

  • Around 80% of winners consumed the cash dollars on Taobao.
  • While the average conversion rates on ecommerce platforms were 2-3% only, our achievement was incredibly extraordinary!