MBA United

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – MBA

To build the first unique platform to unite MBA people. This platform was an innovative pioneer project in tertiary education.

The first Hong Kong MBA intra-app for students

  • An iPad app and a content admin site were developed.
  • The first MBA program in Hong Kong to have such an intra-app to facilitate the communication and education between the school and the students.
  • Position HKUST to be a university which stayed up-to-date with the digital era nowadays.

A professional one-stop app with all essentials for HKUST MBA community

  • It integrated all communication channels, student directories, calendars, news and events in one hub, exclusively for MBA students.
  • They could easily navigate and save any info they wanted anytime.

A user-friendly administration system to shorten admin time
Thus, efficiently enhance close relationship between MBA School and students

  • For backend administration, there was a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS).
  • For each function in the iPad portal, there was a specified admin page. Each admin page was customized with specific fields, some with presets to lower the workload of the administrators.
An online community supported by 100% students

  • The mobile app was downloaded and used by 100% MBA students in HKUST.
  • All students were brought together on the platform. It transformed the traditional way of how the university and students united.

Revolutionized efficiency in communication

  • Students evaded from the annoying daily hassles of searching scattered information from internet, intranet and hardcopies.
  • Administrators also saved tremendous time and manpower in long run to update on piece of information on several systems.