Take You to the Poles

Ocean Park Hong Kong

  • Ocean Park launched the Asia’s first polar themed area featuring Arctic and Antarctic rarely seen and endangered animals. They would like to raise public’s awareness on the global climate change and the importance of conservation.
  • Maintain Ocean Park’s leading position as the king of amusement park in Hong Kong.
Rich media mobile site – the best vehicle to work across different mobile platforms

To reach most of the smartphone users, we suggested Ocean Park to build a unique mobile site which could work on different mobile platforms.

Engaging audiences via gamification

  • The in-app mobile game leveraging a contest with prizes
  • The contest required users to find information from other pages for higher scores, making the engagement longer and deeper.

Viral marketing: social media x mobile to create non-stop viral effect

  • Users were required to make an eco-friendly commitment and spread it on social media to increase the exposure of Ocean Park.

Seamless integration of online and offline campaign elements

  • Audiences could achieve a double score when playing the game around Times Square where Ocean Park ran an exhibition to promote Polar Adventure.
  • Through this double score strategy, Ocean Park successfully boosted the momentum by attracting the players to visit the exhibition.
Exceptionally impressive result via strategic mobile integration

  • The average time spent on site was over 3:49 minutes which is 15 times higher than all traditional media.
  • “The result was very impressive with a satisfied engagement rate, which was beyond our expectations.” said Vivian Lee, Marketing Director of Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Mobile mini game – key tactic to the success

  • Over 75% of total visitors had played the game.
  • 25% of visitors repeated playing for a better game result. Participants were highly engaged.